Five states to vote on recreational marijuana legalization – Daily Mail

The key to the White House isn’t the only thing at stake on election day this year. A spate of health issues are on the ballot across the nation, with potentially groundbreaking ramifications for disease-control, general well-being, and drug use. In an historic move, nine states will vote on cannabis in one way or another – five on recreational marijuana and four on medical marijuana. Assisted suicide is on the ballot in Colorado. Three California districts and one Colorado district will decide whether to hike the price of sugary drinks. Four states will vote on raising tobacco taxes. Florida, the nation’s only state with a Zika outbreak zone, will vote on whether to release genetically-modified killer mosquitoes into the Florida Keys, and Alabama will vote on whether to record every beer-drinker’s personal information. Other measures include making condoms compulsory in porn in California, capping drug prices in California, and portioning $20 million a year for neuroscience in Montana.

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