How to cook Marijuana Edibles & Concentrates BROWNIES

Cooking Marijuana Edibles & Concentrates 51 — Introduction to Cooking & Extraction

Summary: This introductory course delivers you into the exciting world of edibles, concentrates and extracts. This segment offers alternative uses for plant material such as making the many forms of hashish, such as how to make hash oil and bubble hash. The online class also covers subjects like making tinctures and using extraction techniques to make delicious cannibutter and edible delights.

* Explanation of extracts and concentrates: dosage, digestion & chemistry.
* Chemical explanation on tinctures to create simple alcohol and other solubles.
* Cooking with cannabis: butter, oil and dry matter recipes to make edibles like pot brownies.
* Methods and uses of making kief and hash.
* Learn proper dosing levels and the different absorption effects of smoking verse eating.

The Marijuana Edibles & Concentrates online class is the most flavorful section of our academic department. It looks at the culinary aspects of cannabis education and discusses the alternative methods of cannabis consumption. Students will learn about the extensive variety and innovation of cannabis products, preparation and differences in consumption. Other topics include regulating dosages, food safety and biological processes of absorption.Take the online course at or email us at

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