Marijuana Cannibas KitchenGro MicroGro in Aerogarden 3 with Autoflowering Northern Lights Strain

My first time growing cannibas plants in my house. I used an Aerogarden 3 to start a few seedlings and then I transferred the strongest seedlings to a 2’x2’x5′ grow tent in my kitchen. One of my seedlings had stunted growth due to some stress on the seedling in the first week so I decided to let it grow while remaining in the Aerogarden 3 to see what will happen. I planted one autoflowering feminized northern lights seed and one autoflowering feminized amnesia seed on January 21, 2017. The amnesia strain starting growing quickly and I moved it to the grow tent after 2 weeks. I left the northern lights strain in the Aerogarden since I wasn’t sure it would survive. This video was filmed on March 26, 2017 so it’s been 9 weeks of growing. It is possible to grow marijuana in an Aerogarden if you pick a short growing, autoflowering strain like Northern Lights. This makes it easy to grow in your kitchen with very limited space and minimal costs for lighting. There is a very dank smell in my house from my buds but it doesn’t bother me. The Aerogarden has a 16 hour light cycle when it’s on and the DWC reservoir is oxygenated with one small air pump that is turned off for 8 hours each day when the lights go off. There is no way to change the timer setting. I used the stanadard aerogarden nutrients and followed their recommended feeding schedule (1 capful every 2 weeks). The last couple weeks I added 1 capful of nutrients each week when I refilled the reservoir since the plant was drinking more. Overall I’ll consider this success. I know it’s a small harvest but it’s also a very small investment

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