FREE DIY Ring For The Fosters Cook Pot

An awesome (and free!) upgrade/improvement to the homemade Foster’s cook pot. In this quick and easy DIY project, I share an idea that I came up with to create a simple homemade ring which allows you to cut a 25oz Foster’s beer can down to any size that you choose based on your specific needs. This ring gives you the ability to completely customize a lightweight cook pot by allowing you to:
1) Create the pot to any size and weight specifications that you want.
2) Add structural integrity to the cut edge of the pot.
3) Give the lip of the pot a nice, smooth “finished” look.
4) Retain the inherent lightweight aspect of the pot.
5) Provides an interior “lip” for a lid to rest on.

The pot that I demo in this video has a capacity of 22 ounces and weighs in at a mere 1oz. The ring itself weighs only 7 grams, which really helps to keep the total weight of this lightweight cook pot to a minimum. By constucting the pot to a smaller capacity, you can reduce the weight even further.

*Note: I did not come up with the original idea for this ring. There are aluminum rings of this sort that are being made and sold which are of much greater quality. I simply offer here an idea that I came up with that affords you the option of making a homemade version to save money. To see one of the actual machined aluminum rings, please refer to the link below. Thanks!

Video demo by WoodenArrows – “Fosters Beer Can Pot Made With Aluminum Ring”:

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