How i germinate cannabis seeds (PK cheap grow)


whats up fam starting the new grow series THE CHEAP INDOOR CLOSET WEED GROW / purple kush . enjoy
Videos starts 3:40
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Check out the Crop king seeds here 👇🏽

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ou can check out the 45w here 👇

Growstar Ultrathin Super Light 45W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flowers

you can check out the light im using light here 👇


【New Led Grow Light】Using 90-degree optical lens, can reducing 30% light loss, to ensure max PAR and intensity with ultra-high lumens.
【Advanced Full Spectrum】380-760nm full spectrum include UV and IR, the complete and ultra-efficient spectral provides plants Veg and Flower all stages growth.
【Better Heat Solution】Design with high speed quiet colling fan+ upgraded aluminum cooling heat, better heat dissipation, with a selectable Veg/Bloom switch, choose freely according to the plant growth, easy to use.
【High efficiency】Compares to traditional 600W HPS/MH replacement while consuming only 250W! Perfect for 3x3ft growing area at 24’’ height (Max coverage 4x4ft).


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