4 Meals You Can Cook With Your Coffee Pot

Making hot dogs is just as easy as making coffee. 

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Spicy Meatballs (1 hour cook time)
-1 Tbsp sesame seeds
-4 oz Of our favorite Hot Sauce

-Put the Meatballs into a bowl to pre-heat.

-Insulate the pot
-Wrap the coffee pot with a layer of tinfoil.
-Then add foil to cover the top after water has run through the coffeemaker.

Pre-heat meatballs
-Pour water in the coffeemaker, letting it drip into the pot and then pour it back in letting it drip into the pot a second time. Making the water super hot.
-Pour the superheated water over the meatballs in the bowl and allow to warm.

-Super heat two cups of water, same as above.
-Put the pre-warmed meatballs in the pot, do not include the water.
-Put the pot on the burner.
-Allow the Super-Heated water to drip over them.
-Cover the top with a double layer of foil.
-Cook 40 minutes.
-Drain the water from the pot.
-Add 4 oz hot sauce and sesame seeds to the pot with the meatballs.
-Cover, and cook an additional 20 min. to heat the sauce.

Salmon Feast
-(handful) Broccoli
-(handful) Cauliflower
-½ Cup Rice
-Portion of Salmon
-2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
-1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
-1 tsp Salt
-1/2 tsp Crushed Garlic

-Put Broccoli and Cauliflower in the coffee grounds basket.
-Fill up a full pot of water and run it through the maker

-Throw in soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, and garlic
-Place the portion of Salmon in the pot skin side up
-Fill pot with enough water to fully submerge the fish
-Once the fish is submerged leave it for 20 mins
-Take out put over your rice, squeeze lemon juice over the fish

Hot Dogs

-Place dogs in coffeepot
-Run water through the coffeemaker
-Let it cook on a hot plate for an hour.

Grilled Cheese on the Burner

-Butter the sides of the bread
-Put cheese in the middle of both slices (butter side out)
-Make grilled cheese



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