Top 10 Strongest WEED Strains with their THC level!.

Top 10 list of weed/ marijuana/joints list with their THC level and High-Quality images. You won’t regret watching this video…

List of Top 10 WEED with their THC.
King Kut
1. King-kut also was known as ‘Tutankhamun’ is a legendary stuff. The strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid. 80% Sativa / 20% Indica. Its known to derive from its Sativa dominant AK-47.
2. King kut has almost 30% THC level.
3. This marijuana has an aroma of a flower and fruit mingled with dark earth flavor.
Bruce Banner
1. Bruce Banner is also known as ‘Incredible Hulk’. It is the breed of OG KUSH and Strawberry Diesel strain. 60%sativa, 40%indica. It is slightly Sativa dominant which provides powerful euphoric high.
2. Its THC level can reach up to 29%.
3. This marijuana has the aroma of a sweet strawberry with sweet and woody flavor.
Blissful Wizard
1. Blissful Wizard is a hybrid strain made by a cross of Girl Scout Cookie and Captain’s Cookie strain. 50%sativa, 50%indica gives you blissful euphoric high.
2. Its THC level is an insanely high average of about 28 – 34%.
3. This marijuana has an enticing flavor and powerful effect and has the flavor of delicious sweet apple.
The White
1. The White, a light minty green nug is an indica dominant hybrid 85%indica, 15%sativa.
2. Its THC level is wildly from 20-28%.
3. This marijuana has a delicious aroma of sweet pine with the sweet taste of earthy pines. Its described as the definite creeper, which will plunge you into high euphoric and relaxing body.
Gorilla Glue
1. Gorilla Glue, also known as 420 Glue is a balanced 50%sativa,50%indica hybrid strain. It is the breed of Classic Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel strain.
2. It boasts an insanely high THC level varying from 20-28%.
3. This marijuana has powerful aroma with slightly sweet-sour mocha effect and has Super sour diesel flavor and sticks to your tongue.

Girl Scout Cookie
1. Girl Scout Cookie is an indica dominant hybrid strain 40%sativa, 60%indica. It is a cross hybrid of two OG Kush and Durban poison strain.
2. This strain gives the best aspect of both Sativa and indica with most up to 28% giving powerful high and high euphoric.
3. This marijuana has sweet earthy nutty aroma with sweet lemon-mint woody flavor.
Tickle Kush
1. Tickle Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain 70%indica, 30% sativa. It is a cross hybrid of two LA KUSG and Chemdawg strains.
2. It was named the Strongest Strain on Earth in 2014, testing THC level at over 28% on average.
3. This marijuana has a fruity flavor of sweet berries and sweet-tart apple and has very earthy and floral fruitiness aroma.
Ghost Train Haze
1. Ghost Train Haze is one of the Legend strain 80%sativa, 20%indica. A Sativa dominant hybrid of Ghost OG and Nevill’s Wreck strains.
2. The cross hybrid strain creates an insane 27% THC level.
3. This marijuana flavor and aroma has the sweet blend of sour, citrus & pine which is very pungent.
Strawberry Cough
1. Strawberry Cough strain is a Sativa dominant 80%sativa, 20%indica. This hybrid strain is developed from Erdbeer Sativa.
2. It has a THC level of average 22-26%.
3. This marijuana has a sweet strawberry aroma and subtle taste as the name speaks for itself. The skunky, berry flavor provides the aura of euphoria.
Death Star
1. Death Star is an indica dominant strain 75%indica, 25%sativa. A cross hybrid of two Sensi Star and Sour Diesel strains.
2. It has a THC level of 18-27%.
3. This Marijuana gives out the combo aroma of a lemon and Taste of eccentric sweetness.

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