Growing Marijuana- Hardening Off pot plants

In this video I go over hardening off your Marijuana plants, root bound plants and a giveaway coming up.
If this is your first time HARDENING OFF your Marijuana plants and want to be cautious read below.

After growing inside and you want to bring them outdoors you must harden off, toughen up your plants and get them used to being outdoors.
You can not just put your plants out in the direct sunlight or you will have issues.
Wind, humidity and temperatures are also a factor aside from sun.
The sun is hotter than any light anyone could use pretty much.

You must do this correctly or your plants will start to flower, wilt, stress right out and could die.

There are many other ways to do this with green houses, blankets, shade, time and everything else.
I do not have a green house so this is the way I do it! Well, at least how I used to do it when I first started out but I now push the envelope.

First off I Veg with a 18-6 cycle, so if you are not on a 18/6 cycle you want to do this at least 1 week before moving outdoors.

So for the last few weeks before bringing them outdoors I cut back my light cycle very slowly of 15min a week so that at the week I plan on start bringing them out my lights are only on for 17 hours and 15 minutes.

I will be putting my plants out full time by May 25th to May 30th depending on the temperature.

So to start off on the 15th I will bring them out for 1 hour, then on the 16th I will bring them out for two hours and increase every day by two hours until you get to bringing them out the full day. The end of May and June usually has the most light hours in the day.

So it will take 9 days not including the 1 hour the first day.
For the first 3 days it will be later in the day around 6-7pm as the sun is not as strong and then I will go to the middle of the day and as the hours extend I will Keep moving backwards to earlier and earlier in the day.

If you have a lot of plants and are unable to do the inside outside then make sure the temperature is above 15•C and you can shade them with a white bed sheet so there is still light and airflow.
I will even do this once I get to about day 6 depending on how the plants are reacting, it is the cool nights I will be trying to avoid as we usually still get frost some nights all throughout the month of May.

You will see the effects on your plants and they will wilt some and you will more than likely get signs of light burn from the direct sunlight.

They will not burn if done correctly but you will see some curling in leaves and whatnot.
There is going to be a little shock but nothing you can’t recover from.

If you haven’t done this before then,
I suggest you follow this to a tea but as you get used to the certain signs the plants are giving you, then you are able to push the envelope for a faster hardening off time frame.

This video is for educational purposes. I do not condone anything illegal or support any illegal growing.
I am from Canada where it is legal and also have a medical grow license.
Please check the laws where you live before growing.

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