Comparing Soil vs Coco (Revisited) – Growing Medical Marijuana

it’s been a few months since we looked at these two plants.. last time we saw these two plants they were in 1 gallon pots being transplanted into 5 gallon pots.. now as you can see they are both in 10 gallon pots, being trained to be ready to be put in flower… there definitely are some noticeable differences between cocoa growing and soil growing. plants definitely grow more accelerated in Coco and perlite…

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Hey Guys!!! Wizard NPK here..  I’m a state registered and licensed medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who need a lot of marijuana! I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility. If there’s any topics you want to see covered leave a comment, I love suggestions.

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