How to Build a Space Bucket, Part 1 Space Bucket Cannabis Grow

How to build a Space Bucket. Space Bucket Build. Diy Space Bucket. Space bucket cannabis grow. Growing in small spaces. Big buds in small spaces. Space Bucket
X5 Five Gallon Buckets*
X1 Bucket Lid
X2 Fans Exhaust/Intake
X1 Grow Light-cfl,diy led’s,light strips,etc
X1 Plug Strip
X1 Timer
X1 Thermometer/Hygrometer
X1 Extension Cord
X1 Plant Saucer
X1 Flower Pot + growing medium-seeds or clone
—Silicone/Caulking (Fan cut outs/Holes)
—Reflective Material or Paint (Inside of Bucket)
—Tape- Duct, electric, gorilla (Light Proofing Outside bucket)
—Zip Ties (Wire Management)
* If you are going to buy buckets for this project. Spend the extra money and buy solid black buckets. This makes light proofing much easier.
Tape Measure
Drill or Anything to make holes
Razor Knife or Anything to cut with

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