How to make potent cannabutter for baking or cooking recipes.

1oz or full pint jar packed to : 4 sticks of butter/ 2cups. Set oven to 225. Dry trim=45mins in oven. Wet trim=1hr. Seal your discards using a mason jar method. Almost zero loss of terpines because the jar seals itself in the process. Let pint jar cool for 3 hrs on its own and do not run cold water on it to cool it off. Do not open jar while its still hot or you will lose all your terpines because its still in gas form. Double boil your fine decarbed goods either with cheese cloth or do the strainer method. For every 2 sticks of butter add a cup of water to the butter and decarbed trim. So if your doing 4 sticks of butter add 2 cups of water. This keeps the goods from evaporating on you and only water will escape. I double boil my butter and trim for 8hrs to get the full potential. You can thank me later.

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