1st California Recreational Cannabis Farm (S1E5: Honeydew Farms, Humboldt)

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S1 E5 of Canna Cribs Season 1 features Honeydew Farms in #Humboldt County California.

Table of Contents:
01:09 Interview with Honeydew owner Alex Moore
03:51 Genetics
06:19 Vegetation
09:33 Flowering
17:36 Drying
20:08 Curing
22:48 Packaging

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Honeydew Farms is Humboldt County’s first conditional use permitted Cannabis Farm. Located in the highly coveted Mattole Valley, their 600 acre Agricultural preserve lies in the foothills of the Lost Coast’s Kings Range.

The Mattole’s unique micro climate, with it’s hot days and cool nights, creates the perfect environment, and combined with their over 25 years of cultivation experience, they produce some of the world’s finest medical Cannabis. Their cultivation sites range in elevation from their valley floor at 200 feet, to their ridge tops at 900 feet, creating distinct differences in their batches.

At Honeydew Farms, they pride themselves on being environmentally conscious stewards of their historic ranch and farm.

With abundant surface water from the Mattole River, Honeydew Creek, and Beartrap creek, they pride themselves in the fact that none of this water is diverted for cultivation of their fine Cannabis.

Honeydew Farms truly believes that the world is a better place with medical Cannabis and it is their goal to bring you the finest environmentally conscious cannabis available.

#cannabis #honeydewfarms

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