How To Cook With Cannabis – How To Make Cannabis Breakfast Sausages

Wake and Bake with Buttercake!

Hello and good day!
With this recipe we are venturing into the wonderful world of dosed breakfast foods.

A word on grinding: in our last recipe we put the kibosh on grinding up your cannabis and adding it willy-nilly to every recipe. If you want better tasting edibles, grinding your cannabis is the exception, not the rule. Use ground up weed in SOME savory dishes but never in sweet pastries and deserts.

Cannabis lends itself much more naturally to savory foods; it has a bitter, spicy floral note similar to oregano and this makes sense as both plants contain the terpene carvacrol. Terpenes give cannabis its unique smell and flavor along with many other benefits. Depending on the kind of cannabis you are using in your recipe there can be other terpene profiles such as lavender and citrus notes to take into your flavor considerations.

In this recipe, we use ground up decarboxylated cannabis. The grinding of the cannabis works in this recipe because it is a savory dish and the cannabis can be used as you would use any other herb or spice.


We can’t state this enough, eating your cannabis is very different from smoking or vaping it, the effects are much stronger and will last for hours longer. A little goes a long way!

The cannabis we used in this recipe is an indica dominant hybrid known as Pink Friesland and has been lab tested and contains 17% THC.

1 gram of cannabis = 1000mg
1000 X 17%= 170mg of THC
170mg of THC ÷ 16 = 10.625mg of THC/ patty (16 equals the total number of servings)

10 mg of THC is plenty for most people when it is ingested and is a good place to start if you have never tried eating cannabis before. At Buttercake we prefer a functional, lighter, microdosed high that can be taken during the day. To give life a little sparkle, we often opt for a 5mg dose.

Many people tend to use shake or leaf for cooking, but when using shake or leaf, you have to use much larger amounts which will affect the flavor of your finished product. Just like when cooking with wine, going for the better quality stuff will ensure a better tasting final product.

Items you need
Calibrated digital scale
Digital Oven Thermometer
Frying pan
Cutting board
Round cookie cutter (approx. the size of an English muffin)
Parchment paper

Recipe Yield: : 16 patties

2lb ground pork (opt for organic hormone free and grass fed if possible)
1 tbs fresh sage
1 tbs fresh thyme
1 tbs fresh rosemary
1 gram of decarboxylated cannabis flower
1 tbs salt
1 tsp pepper
3 tbs pure maple syrup

To decarboxylate your cannabis use your digital oven thermometer and heat your oven to 240 degrees.
Break up your bud removing all stems
Place your broken up bud in a single layer onto a baking sheet.
Bake in the oven for 60 mins keeping an eye on your oven thermometer and using your nose.
Your cannabis is decarboxylated once it begins to smell like ammonia just like when vaping.

Grind up your decarboxylated cannabis.
Add your ground cannabis to the ground pork and mix thoroughly ensuring that there are no large chunks of green anywhere.
Add all other ingredients to the bowl and mix again.

Weigh your sausage mixture, write down the final weight amount and divide by 16.

Our mixture weighed 1237g
1237g÷ 16= 77g

Using a scale, divide your sausage mixture into 77g portions
Using your circular cookie cutter, shape your sausage patties.

Cook the sausage anyway you like.
We’ve pan fried ours in ghee (clarified butter) to add an extra layer of flavor.

Serve your dosed sausages however you like. We enjoy eating them with a fried egg, melted cheese, tomato and a generous dollop of mayo on a toasted and buttered English muffin.


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