Season 1 Final Harvest | Outdoor Marijuana Grow

Sorry for the super late post. We were supposed to post this end of season 1 but Something had happened to our camera gear and memory cards and we thought we had lost all the recorded content. After an extensive clean up we found the back ups and finally had unlocked our icloud and recovered everything. Here is the final harvest for the Sweet Purple we were growing and a demonstration on some other techniques and tools we used for trimming. We also figured out the problem we were having with the plants and we had a worm infestation in our garden. We are excited that we now know how to conquer the problem and our next season (2020) will be ever more greater than the last. Please subscribe and stay tuned.

In this video we also show case Sweet Purple, Zweet Inzanity, Hardcore OG and NY diesel.

Thank you for being patient with us. We are currently working on more content and will start season 2 In February 2020.

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