GROWING CANNABIS SEEDS [Germinating, Planting, & Feeding]

In this video, Rob from CLtv breaks down how to germinate Cannabis seeds, as well as how to plant and feed them after they sprout.

This video is intended for people ages 21 and older. The content shown is for documentary and educational purposes only, we do not condone any illegal activity of any kind.

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Growing Cannabis seeds is one of the best ways to get legit genetics into the garden. The success rate can vary, but if you use proper techniques the results should be close to 100% as long as the seeds are quality.

Planting Cannabis seeds takes some TLC since they haven’t grown to develop the strength that would protect it from the environment. Again, proper technique is a must.

After planting, feeding Cannabis seedlings is a must if you aren’t using an amended medium. Light strength is always the best option when using bottled nutrients early on.

Items discussed in this video:

➡️ Great White Mycorrhizae:

Video originally was shown on Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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