The best marijuana strains for creativity and productivity (energizing sativa strains)


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I started using marijuana for migraine prevention but have since discovered certain strains that are energizing and motivating (that actually make me exercise, or have more great ideas, or get more shit done). This is great because I’ve tried tons of other things – energy drinks, smart drugs and nootropics, but most don’t make me feel good and actually reduce productivity.

The strains I like best are subtle and I can barely feel them working, apart from an energizing effect and some creative synergy (lateral thinking between brain hemispheres). For writing fiction, marijuana is particularly useful in terms of visualizing and describing scenes in better detail because you can see things in your mind’s eye with greater clarity.

My favorite strains (original)
👌 Black lime reserve
👌 Cinex
👌 XJ-13
👌 Green Crack
👌 Jack the Ripper

New to me strains (updates):
I recently spent a month in Amsterdam, here are some new favorites:
👌 Sherbertica
👌 Amnesia haze
👌 Hash Plant Haze (HPH)
👌 AK47
👌 Bruce Banner

Something I didn’t mention in this video is that I prefer edibles – which some people don’t like because they can make you “wired” and even anxious/strung out (your mind is literally going too fast and you feel jumpy). I find it’s a pretty great state to be in for a lot of creative work, and better/healthier than a redbull or something similar.

(Also smoking pot every day isn’t great for your lungs… I bake mine into cookies and eat a half or whole cookie a day… which also reduces my cookie intake because I know I can’t eat more or I’d get too messed up to be productive).

My perfect jam is weed + modafinil.
Also what I LIKE about weed is the creative blending of things in new ways – but you need to focus it on one project or you’ll just mad associate everything. If you want to write, sit down with your scene and know what happens next.

I find writing on my iphone with iawriter and a bluetooth keyboard is best so you don’t get distracted. Also while I prefer sativas, sometimes they feel so clear and focused I don’t actually get the effects I like. I’m skeptical of hybrids because they usually make me feel weird, but *sometimes* a strong indica with coffee or modafinil is actually the best of both worlds.

ALSO: getting weed as a digital nomad is a challenge. Best countries: Spain, Portugal, Vietnam. Be very careful, in some countries it’s not worth the risk. I’m looking forward to being back in Oregon.

PS. I said Nixon instead of Reagan. Slip of the tongue.


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