Introduction PART 2! to cooking with cannabis and hash rosin dry sift big buds of marijuana weed THC

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Tell a Friend about this show Leave a Comment Down Below! Stay TUNED Introduction PART2 to cooking with cannabis and hash rosin dry sift and big buds of marijuana weed THC this recipe will help relieve a lot of pain stimulate appetite providing extreme good night sleep if used properly proper dosing is so important I cannot stress this enough these videos are made for people who are in need of information I’m bringing awareness to the lack of information available for medical patients worldwide I I plan on growing this channel every single week I plan on uploading every single week I plan on replying to people’s comments and questions please leave a like subscribe share my videos with your friends on all social media platforms you’re doing me and the medical marijuana Community a huge favor thank you very much peace herb much respect Tons of love! 🙂

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