Make Your Own Cannabis Oil: Weedguide’s Cooking with Cannabis Series with Chef Brandon Allen

Episode 2 of Weedguide’s Cooking with Cannabis Series with High Times Top Cannabis Chef Brandon Allen.

Learn how to make your own cannabis oil at home. Chef Brandon walks you through the entire infusion process using just your home oven or a Sous Vide machine (for those who are curious about other ways to infuse).

This video includes a general guide on how to estimate your cannabis oil potency, but be sure to check out Jeff the 420 Chef’s THC Calculator ( for further information.

Cannabis oil will be used in the majority of recipes we share from Chef Brandon, so be sure to make a few batches so you can keep up with them all!

Check out Episode 1: Weedguide’s Cooking with Cannabis Series with Chef Brandon Allen: Knife Skills to Prep Like a Pro ( to learn safe knife skills to help you with all of your cannabis cooking.

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