Snacks How to Make Infused Canna Oil Vegetable


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You will need a stock pot, rivet so your mason jar is not on bottom of the pan, mason jar, cheese cloth, marijuana, boiling water, vegetable oil, metal sieve, lemon press, clean bowl, cooking twine, another mason jar to store it in.

Fist grind your marijuana depending on what your starting with trim or actual flower depends on quantity. Measure desired amount, grind it, place on a cookie sheet and put in oven at minimum 218-230 degrees for 40-110 min to decarboxylate then tie it up in a cheese cloth and place in mason jar with 2 cups of vegetable oil and close lid. Have water boiling rapidly with rivet on bottom and place mason jar on top of rivet. Boil adding water as needed for anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on desired strength. Strain it through a metal sieve into a bowl. Press the cheese cloth with lemon press to get all of the remaining butter out. Then mix with half parts water and place in fridge until it solidifies. Once its solid dump out water and place infused butter in clean mason jar in refrigerator.

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If you aren’t sure how marijuana will affect you, ingest less than one serving and wait at least 90 minutes and up to four hours before eating or drinking more.
More information on safe food handling is available through the state health department’s training.
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