Grow Sisters Video 8 Smoking Bees Out With Cannabis!

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The Grow Sisters explore back yard bee with the Beeautiful Missy Bee!
Join us for Smoking Bees out with Cannabis! Stay tuned for Honey extraction Video.

Learn why Cannabis is the Best for smoking out Bees and see some tricks of the trade from Humboldt’s Finest Bee Guardian, Missy Bee!

Missy Bee helps teach the beginning & the Advance Beekeeping courses at Humboldt State University. She is a women beekeeper who manages 50 hives locally.

She does Shadow mentoring during the weekday, which is hands-on demonstrations &  hands-on connections with her sweet honeybees.

Random days and times Missy Bee will also be included as we learn to work with the weather and with swarms, neither of which can be planned exactly ahead-of-time.
Multiple students may be present at any single event, but your individualized questions will be answered.  This beekeeper is awesome!

Field days are a great way to meet and network with other area beekeepers. Don’t be afraid to ask her if you can exchange contact information and use her for help and advice along the way —

To get notice of events, including topics and activities to be covered, please contact me Missy Bee at please leaving detailed contact information including email address and phone # will help us keep in contact.  
MIssy Bee is also on Facebook under Bee Girl Goods and Instagram @missybee_lee

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