Curious about Weed Laws? Meet the 420 Attorneys | QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE

MERRY JANE’s Mira Gonzalez sits down with California lawyers Meital Manzuri and Michelle Mabugat to answer your questions and pull back the curtain on reefer regulations.

If you’ve ever thought about cashing in on the green rush and setting up your own California cannabis company, you’ve probably figured out that getting rich off legal ganja is a little harder than it sounds. In addition to the gaps between state and federal law, an obstacle course of regulatory hoops to jump through, banking barriers, branding, and countless other headaches. Thankfully, that’s where the women from Manzuri Law come in.

On the latest episode of Queens of the Stoned Age, MERRY JANE managing editor Mira Gonzalez sits down with Golden State lawyers Meital Manzuri and Michelle Mabugat, better known as the 420 Attorneys. Over a blunt of Blue Dream from our friends at the Green Angels, the trio discuss cannabis-fueled career trajectories and get the latest info about California’s latest recreational regulations, implications of Canadian legalization at the border, and what it takes to run a weed company legally – or at least as legally as possible.

While the weed burns, Manzuri and Mabugat run through the p’s and q’s of a gamut of heady legal issues, touching on the most contested suggestions for California’s impending finalized adult-use cannabusiness rules, the fine print of flying out of legal states with weed, getting pulled over after puffing a joint, and the complications of taking a weed business out of the shadows and into the light of legalization. As marijuana continues to make its way into America’s mainstream, the array of piecemeal legalization laws across the country has lead to a constantly shifting set of local and state standards for everything from growing to smoking, and without the help of ladies like Manzuri and Mabugat, the industry would still be stuck in the dark ages.

So don’t be shy: kick back, relax, and get woke with the freshest ep of Queens of the Stoned Age — the days of marijuana mansplaining are over.



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