Kickin Cannabis Butter Easy Recipe.mp4

Making Marijuana/Cannabis butter is easy. It is a great way to get the THC out of trimmings that have been hashed, stems, and stuff that isn’t the tastiest but it will sure cook up nice with these instructions. Be sure to cook the butter in a low temp or you may risk heating the THC to the point of release. Another trick I hace is for storage for later you might want to freeze a 1lb disk in a baggie. pull the hardened disk our of the fridge, place in a plasitc bag and place in the freezer. I’ll save it for movie nights and make POT CORN. It is buttery, salty and has a kick. By hashing the plant – bubble style you get the leftovers, or even soaking in water first will pull alot of the “green” taste out. RRember the good stuff isn’t gonna mix with water well, oil and alcohol are the solvents.

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