STRONG Cannabis Gummy Bears w/ Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Hey guys, Johnny here, coming to you from my little corner of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This video is a demonstration on how to make strong cannabis gummies using FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). You’ll also see this referred to as RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil. Essentially, the THC is infused into high proof grain alcohol like Everclear (190 proof) and then reduced down until it’s a gooey black oil that is about the consistency of maple syrup (eh!).

I’m in Canada and Everclear is not legally sold in my province so I have to settle with the very strong vodka from Poland, Spirytus coming in at 76% or 152 proof.

These gummy bears are not for rookies. My best estimate is that each of these small bears holds 20-30mg of THC but of course, that depends on the flower you use.

I promise I will put up a video for beginners too with lower THC levels at some point. (It’s a different recipe). You could also just reduce the amount of FECO in this recipe to whatever works for you..

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I’ll post the recipe in the comments! It’s also located on my blog page:

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