Psoriasis UVB Light Vs. CBD Oil + Progress Report


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CBD oil didn’t seem to help, UVB light therapy still seems to be the winner. Back to testing that theory.

Make sure you watch til the end as I mentioned some important points that I wish I could tell myself when I first started treating psoriasis.

My online diary:
2018-09-28: Things are getting bad

2018-10-20: Worst outbreak I’ve ever had

2018-10-24: Naturopath meeting

2018-11-12: Following the allergy report, almost daily oat/salt bath
Face redness mostly went away

2018-11-16: Started light therapy with Dermatologist

2018-12-04: Face redness mostly gone. Been going to light therapy every mon/wed/fri, skin cleared up quite a bit. Mainly hairlines effects still and maybe another 5-10% everywhere else left along with white faded spots on the rest of the back and shoulders.

2018-12-13: Most of the psoriasis is faded away, mostly just red dots that were there but clearly faded and healing. Nothing as flaky as it was. Face isn’t red as it was (expect for videos/photos as the camera picks it up somehow). Still going 2-3 times a week to the UVB light treatment. No creams really used, introduced chocolate back.

2018-12-20: Started going to the UVB light treatment on Tue/Fri only, still maintaining the diet. Eating limited chocolate. Face and behind the ears seems clear, back is fully clear, butt and back of legs have some faded red spots that are healing.

2018-12-27: Not much changed. No light therapy for over a week (closed because of holidays).

2019-01-06: Most of the psoriasis is gone, just little bits here and there left. Slacking off on going to the light therapy but trying to get 1-2 sessions per week at the minimum. Introduced chocolate back. It does seem to make my stomach make noises but i don’t find it effecting my psoriasis

2019-01-18: Adjusted to Alkaline water once again. Really slacking off on going to the light therapy.. possibly because everything is clear for the most part. Might consider introducing dairy back.

2019-02-03: Went maybe once to the light therapy due to time commitment issues. Cutting out chocolate again as area above the nose seems to get flaky but the rest of the body is great

2019-02-25: Around nose area redness, a bit of spots on elbows again. Went to light therapy maybe twice in 3 weeks. Started CBD oil again as I think that helps

2019-03-28: Redness around the nose is still there, some very light spots appeared on shoulders and a few dots here and there around the body. Nothing horrible but it’s coming back for some reason. CBD oil occasionally applied, UVB therapy once a week roughly.

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