2oz Closet Grow with 150watt Light – Cannabis Grow Journal – Buds McGee

Full Grow Details & Breakdown – http://goo.gl/2vQhxu
Order Seeds – http://goo.gl/kCW1jk
Materials – Approximate Cost = $200 (or less)
150 Watt HPS Light – http://gamerchronic.com/150hps
SunBlaze 2′ T5s – http://gamerchronic.com/t5
(Optional) 3x CFL Fill Lights – http://gamerchronic.com/Lights6500k
Super Soil – http://gamerchronic.com/supersoil
Potting Soil – http://gamerchronic.com/pottersoil
Perlite – http://gamerchronic.com/Perlite
3 gal. Felt Pot – http://gamerchronic.com/fabricpots
Small Fan – http://gamerchronic.com/Fan
(Optional) DIY Light Fixture for CFLs – http://gamerchronic.com/grow-cannabis-cheap/grow-set-up/

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