A 24-Hour Light Cycle during Cannabis Vegetative Stage Starves the Soil with Karuna Chourey PhD


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There is a lot of debate online regarding the efficacy of the 24-hour light cycle during the vegetative stage growing cannabis. In this video, Karuna Chourey, PhD, Director of Plant Microbial Interaction at Mammoth Microbes describes how the 24-hour light cycle starves the rhizosphere of vital nutrition. Links to the scientific studies she mentions are below. Recorded by Shango Los at Indo Expo Denver 2019 https://www.mammothmicrobes.com/ https://www.ShapingFire.com.com/

Links from Karuna Chourey PhD:
Continuous light is injurious to eggplant and pepper

Continuous light is injurious to tomatoes

This study suggests that circadian clock mediate the optimization for fluctuating environments and environmental control tailored to this circadian rhythm may enhance resistibility to stress and floral induction, eventually the yieldability.

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