Light Cycles for Growing Cannabis, Fully Explained


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Light cycles for growing cannabis are important when growing cannabis indoors. In this video, we explain what are light cycles, why growers use them, and when they should be used.

We also cover the light cycles of cannabis plants grown outdoors. If you are a new cannabis grower, this video is perfect for you to learn how cannabis plants use light cycles.

What are Light Cycles?

Light cycles are the amount of light, vs the amount of darkness a plant receives.

A cannabis plant will start to grow in the Spring, flower throughout Summer, and be harvested in the Autumn. Throughout the year, it will receive a different amount of light, depending on what season it is.When you use light cycles indoors, you’re trying to imitate the length of the day for spring time, or summer time. This will keep a plant in “veg” (simulating Springtime growth) or in “flower” (simulating Summer growth).

To understand light cycles for growing cannabis, you should understand how a plant grows in its natural habitat, which is outdoors.

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Keep things simple; choose which light cycle will work best for you and decide if you are going to grow autoflowering cannabis plants or photoperiod cannabis plants.

Because indoor grow lights produce a lot of heat, it is advised to run them at night, and turn them off during the day. This will make it easier to keep temperatures under control.

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