Growing Plants in Hydroponics Using Recycled Bottles from Seed to Harvest


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Your friends Gardener Greg and Floraformer Fred show you how to grow plants and vegetables in recycled bottles. Watch Remote Growers, use their knowledge to teach you how to grow your own vegetables and plants.

Food prices are going up and we all need to grow more food. Using this method of growing plants, limits water usage and creates extremely heavy vegetable production. Grow your own food using our hydroponic system and recycled bottles. Cheap Food, Safe Food, Easy to Grow Food in Your Greenhouse.

Our Goal is to see little Remote Gardens in Every Community Across the Country. Using our “Recycled Bottle Growing System” to provide locally grown produce locally will make us all healthier.

OK, enough with the keyword crap, what we are talking about, is using stuff that you can find around your home or in a dumpster -near you- and use to grow your own food. We all know we need to become self sufficient and provide our own food. Growing for yourself is the best way and food is an asset.

We will adapt this Hydroponic System to an Aquaponic System shortly. Because after all, Aquaponics is the wave of the future. Can you imagine growing fish?

Check out more information on our website.

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