Cannabis grow: How much light (watts) do you need to grow WEED Grow Setup info LED and CFL


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When you are going to grow your own Cannabis plant it is important that you have propper lighting and the watts are the most important factor. Because of the light, the plant can start photosynthesis. That means the plant picks up the light and transforms it into energy to life.

When you are using CFL bulbs, you need more watts then a LED bulb. The reason for this is because a CFL bulb looses its intensity very fast. So when you place an e27 CFL bulb, after 30 cm, only about 50% of the light gets to the plant. The rest of the light gets lost and a small part of the wattage is only heat.

The information in this video applies to normal cannabis plant, so the regular Cannabis seeds or feminized but it also applies to Autoflowers that contain the Ruderalis gen. Both are the same plants the only difference is that Autoflower because of the Ruderalis gen, don’t need a strict light cycle and because of that you can grow them everywhere. Even by the window without extra light.

In this video, you will see how much watts, lumen you need per plant, in you grow box or grow tent. This information is very important because sometimes it can be an annoying job to switch the lights during the grow. Especially when doing a micro grow.


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