How to germinate cannabis seeds. Closet Cannabis Grow tips. Quesogood, BloodHaze, BloodRhino, etc.

This video shows how to germinate and start the early growth of cannabis in a closet.

Not just cannabis, basil, coriander, mint, etc etc

There are four of my own creations in there: BloodHaze, BloodRhino, BloodRoses and BloodX. They’re Delahaze, White Rhino, Eleven Roses, and Hifi4G respectively (fems) crossed with a BloodBerries male.

They’re under a Mars Hydro TS 600 which is perfect for the job in a small closet and pulls 100w from the wall.

They’re sat on a heat mat – VERY important for germination/seedlings.

I’m monitoring they temperature and humidity with a Sensor Push from Sensor Push Tech. With those two data points (ambient temp & relative humidity), plus the leaf temp from a IR thermometer, I can work out VPD. VPD is VERY important.

They’ve had some Shogun Fertilisers’ Katana Roots, and will start on Shogun’s Start tomorrow.

No CO2 Enhancer from TNB Naturals as I have run out and am awaiting the 2020 sponsorship package to be delivered that I won in December.

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