How To Grow Your Own Cannabis/THC With CFL (Compact Flourescent Lights) tips and tutorial DIY.

Growing marijuana with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs can be an easy and cheap way to cultivate your own THC. It isn’t the highest yielding method, but it is an easy and low cost form of growing. The maintenance is easy and it has a very low start-up cost. It’s know that CFL growing uses about half the electricty of HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs but usually produces about 1-8 oz of quality bud per plant. It’s important to have the proper color spectrum in the lights, 6500 daylight Kelvins for vegging, and 2700 soft white Kelvins for budding . The color spectrum replicates the early months of summer and then the late months of fall. The higher the lumens and wattage the better as this is brighter and the light will travel further with higher wattages. Having the proper PH balance in your soil and water is important. However, I managed to use normal tap water and FoxFarm soil and nutrients and got about 3 ozs per plant without ever testing the ph balance of either one. Humidity and temperature is also very important for the highest quality buds but in my first grow I kept it around 78 degrees with some small fans and didnt worry about the humidity at all, and still managed to get beautiful flower. It’s very important to keep CFL lights very close to the plants, about 2 inches away being very careful to not let it touch the bulbs because it will burn them. I also used some mylar as reflective material to increase the amount of light being reflected on my plants and I think it helped quite a bit. Vegging can have lights on 24 hours a day however budding should be switched to strict 12/12 light schedule. ( 12 hours on, 12 hours off ) This replicates the shorter daylight months of fall . Some people use strictly 6500K bulbs during the whole vegging stage but I like to add a couple of the 2700K bulbs during vegging just to get a wider spectrum of light. Overall, the most important thing with growing any plant is replicating its natural environment and growing conditions perfectly. Mimic wind, rain, humidity, ph, and lighting and you should get excellent product. Thank you for watching my video ! Intended for educational purposes only. This grow was done in the state of colorado and abides every state law.

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