Grow a Pot Plant, Step 1: Germinating a cannabis seed, with Dynasty Cannabis’ Grow Kit


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Grow a cannabis plant at home with the new Dynasty Cannabis Grow Kit.
Check & @dynastycannabis on Instagram for more steps, tips and pictures of the process!

Designed by Dynasty’s team of plant specialists and cannabis enthusiasts for modern home growing, our custom Grow Kit has everything you need to grow your own marijuana at home this summer. (Yup, it’s legal. Every home in Canada can legally grow up to 4 pot plants this summer.)

This video describes the custom Dynasty approach to growing one, awesome Cannabis Plant at home. For 19+ CDN viewers.
Not intended to encourage illegal use or distribution of cannabis.

Let’s get started!

Place one Seed Starter Disc into the saucer of your Dynasty Grow Planter
Pour 1/3rd of a cup of water in the saucer to hydrate the disc
Over 10 minutes the disc will absorb the water and expand!
Using a pair of tweezers, poke a small hole in the top of the starter disc
Gently bury one seed just under the surface in the hole and cover with a little bit of soil material in the disc
Place the planter on top of the saucer with your starter disc inside to create a dark and protective environment for your seedling.
Now place the planter in a dark spot, like on a shelf or in a cabinet.
(Show shot of putting in cabinet)
Use your spray bottle to spritz the starter disk lightly once a day to ensure a humid environment.
Now you wait!
Note: We didn’t shoot spritzing the disc so wondering if we can find a punch in of Brooke’s hand from spritzing and insert here? )
Or can we put the spritzing animated bottle from the gifs on top of the video of the closed pot upside down?

In 3- to 5 days your seedling will emerge, starved for light and love.

To be continued in Step 2: Plant Your Seedling

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