Net cup कौन सा चुनें Hydroponics NFT में


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Hydroponics NFT
How to choose net cup size in hydroponic nft system

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Oxygen metre for hydroponic NFT FOR MEASURING DISSOLVED OXYGEN

Poly House sheet

Oasis cube for hydroponics

Saffron bulbs

Hydroponic nutrients

NPK 4 18 38

Calcium nitrate

Magnisium Sulfate(Epsum salt)




Weighing Scale for measuring Nutrients

pH Metre


Net cups

Clay pebbles

Hydroponic NFT System

seedling tray

Coco coir

Humic Acid

Seaweed extract

Indoor light

Hydroponic related goods

Grow bags
mobile I use for recording

Jute grow bags

Sea Shell

Bio Digester

Fly trap sheet

Soap nut Reetha

Stevia plant seeds
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