How to Decarb Cannabis in a Mason Jar – Decarboxylation for Edibles

Learn how to decarboxylate cannabis in a mason jar with this simple method.

Decarboxylation is a necessary process when you are making cannabis edibles.

Mason jar decarboxylation is incredibly easy and also provides the consumer with a mess-free method. You can also store the decarboxylated cannabis in this mason jar without losing too much potency.

What You Need For Mason Jar Cannabis Decarboxylation

Conventional Oven

Mason Jar (Your Cannabis Should Take Up Approximately 1/4 of The Jar)

Mason Jar Lid

Baking Tray/Dish

Tea Towel/Oven Mitt

Coarsely Ground Cannabis

This video will show you how to decarboxylate cannabis within a mason jar. The advantages of doing this include:

Less cannabis smell
Less mess

Comment below if you have any questions!

Mason Jar Decarb:

Traditional Decarb:

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