Building Soil for Cannabis in a Grassroots Fabric Pot Raised Bed


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Todd & Eric from Organics Alive stopped by to build some soil for the Pacific NW Roots seeds (Righteous Flame – Harlequin x Fire Alien Freeze) we popped last week.

My goal is with each round to feature someone different showing how they make their soil. Like opinions, everyone has one, everyone has their own way to do it 🙂

We made enough soil for one Grassroots Fabric Pots living soil 4′ x4′ raised bed, which is about ~ 20 to 22 cubic feet. We used Fox Farm for no other reason than that’s what the supply store had. Interestingly, lots of stores are out of a lot of product right now as it seems like everyone is starting up a home victory garden.

8 bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1.5 cubic feet x 8 = 12 cubic feet
1 bag Berger BM6 3.8 cubic feet — 7.5 cubic feet fluffed up
1 bag Organics Alive Premium Mix 0.7 cubic feet. another 1/3 bag Premium Mix = .3 cubic feet
1 bag Organics Alive Worm Castings 0.7 cubic feet

The target was 10% premium mix, but we only had one bag of it. That’s why we also used the 1 bag of worm castings. We would have used just over 2 bag of Premium Mix had we had enough (and zero bags of pure worm castings).

Then, as we were transplanting:

Less than a gram per plant near the root zone of the VN Granular Slow Release. A sprinkling of worm castings around the seedling root zones. We wanted to add Mycorrhizae but didn’t have any. We will add that this week. We watered with a drop of fermented plant juice – FPF (Fulvic) mixed into Tom’s teensy tiny watering can.

We hit it with a compost tea two days later.

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