Seeds Have Germinated: Now What? How to Care for Seedlings | Seed Starting Part 2

After your seeds have germinated what do you do next to grow healthy, stocky seedlings? In this video I cover lighting, watering, fertilizing, airflow, thinning, transplanting and hardening off. ⬇CLICK SHOW MORE for details⬇

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I cover everything you need to know to successfully nurture your seedlings until they’re ready to be planted outside.

• Lighting – what kind of light to use, how long to leave it on and where to place it relative to the seedlings
• Water – how to water seedlings
• Fertilization – what to use, how much and when to start
• Airflow – why a fan is a good thing to have
• Thinning – how and why to pull out or cut off some of your seedlings
• Transplanting – when, when and how to transplant seedlings into larger pots
• Hardening off – what it is, why to do it and how
• Labeling your seedlings


• Grow light kit:
• Compost Tea Bags:
• Alaska Fish Fertilizer:
• Cowpots:
• Organic Potting Mix:
• Seed Markers:
• Overview of grow lights -

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