Potting and Indoor Plant | ZZ Plant, Pothos & Potting Soil Tips!

We all love a new Indoor plant, but eventually might have to repot it when it starts outgrowing its original container.
In this video I discuss and demonstrate repotting two plants. One succulent type of plant (ZZ Plant) and a leafy type of plant (Pothos)
Both need different types of soil in order the thrive.
I also talk a little about different materials you can use to create your own soil mixture.
In general for most houseplants you can use:

1 part peat or coco coir and 1 part perlite. add in some compost like worm castings to give the soil mixture some nutritional value!

For succulent type plants like ZZ and Sanseveiria add more perlite, pumice, or horticultural charcoal for better drainage.

there are very good pre made organic soils and soilless planting mediums on the market as well!

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