New York Cannabis Legalization

New York cannabis lawyer, Elliot Y. Choi, joins to discuss New York’s cannabis initiatives. New York’s Gov. Cuomo recently said, “I support legalization of marijuana passage. I’ve worked very hard to pass it.” Past adult-use initiatives have failed to materialize, but many activists believe 2020 could be the year for legalization in New York.
GOP Congressman Says Killing Of ‘Marijuana User’ George Floyd Doesn’t Deserve Protests:
Safer New York Act:
13:15 – Cannabis Legalization in New York
20:25 – Does New York have a medical marijuana program?
23:30 – Cannabis licenses in New York
24:15 – Cannabis taxes in New York
28:20 – Social equity in New York
32:10 – What is the Safer New York Act?
34:10 – What happens to the legacy market in New York?
38:45 – Selling your cannabis business as a social equity applicant
38:50 – License caps in New York
40:00 – What cannabis initiatives are most likely to win in New York?
42:50 – How much are licenses in New York?
46:00 – Does New York have to worry about monopolization?
47:00 – What’s the cannabis culture like in New York?
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