Marijuana Edibles For Beginners: How To Safely Eat THC Edibles (The Official Guide To Weed Edibles)

The REAL Rule #1 of edibles is; It ain’t gonna kick in until you start talkin smack about it being weak as f**k.

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In this video, breakdown the ultimate guide on how to prepare and safely consume marijuana edibles in a safe and responsible manner. The safest way to eat edibles is to start low and go slow. All edibles are packaged with 10mg being the max thc allowed per serving. However, some edibles have more than one serving per container and it is up to the purchaser to read the instructions and take it properly. Don’t take more than 20mg if it is your first time ever and you will be able to actually enjoy the high if you feel it at all. Better yet start off with 5mg and after 2-3 hours gradually take another 5mg. I would rather you eat too little than too much because too much will make you NEVER want to eat weed edibles again.

I also detail 4 other Tips On Eating Marijuana Edibles For A Safer And Pleasant Experience. Get Tapped Into all the relevant links

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Marijuana Edibles For Beginners: How To Safely Eat THC Edibles (The Official Guide To Weed Edibles)

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