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What conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in Maryland? How much does it cost to open a dispensary in MD? This Wednesday, we’re joined by cannabis lawyers Kinner and McGowan out of the DMV area to get a better understanding of Maryland and Washington DC’s cannabis laws.

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10:45 – DC Cannabis Laws
11:45 – DC “Gifting” Cannabis
14:55 – Maryland Cannabis Program
15:45 – Cannabis License Winners in Maryland
18:00 No cannabis licenses issued
19:00 – Illinois social equity applicants
21:45 – Cannabis monopolies in Maryland?
25:25 – License Types in Maryland
27:00 – Legalization in Maryland
27:40 – Does Maryland have enough dispensaries?
28:57 – Cannabis in Virginia
40:26 – Who is going to legalize next?
42:05 – Could cannabis legalization help the recession?
46:30 – Cannabis Taxes
49:00 – Cannabis law
Pandemic upends pot legalization (politico)
Illionois Recreational Cannabis Sales Approach $110 Million in First Quarter of Legalization (Fool)
Bernie Sanders Suspends His Presidential Campaign (NPR)
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