RavenQuest BioMed Orbital Garden Grow-Op

RavenQuest BioMed (CNSX:RQB) CEO George Robinson will tell you when asked if the orbital garden is a gimmick, the short answer is – No.  Our films team went to Edmonton where they are headquartered to see for ourselves and we came away with the same answer: It’s not a gimmick at all.  Upon reflection, this shouldn’t really be a surprise as they are heavily invested and partnered with bio-science as illustrated with their partnership with McGill University.  It becomes even more obvious listening to George and his attention to detail.  There was simply too much to include in our video; for example that they use batteries in conjunction with their generators so as to never have fluctuations in the voltage going to their systems which he believes will give many of their components an extra 3-5 years of life.  With all of that said, it was still a bit of a jolt to the system looking at the orbital garden which have a very science-fiction vibe to them.  It took a while to get used to seeing only top buds slowing rotating in their golden cylinders.

By growing just the “top buds” Raven Quest believes they are saving effort and capital in the long run with their orbital garden.  Why expend more energy to grow an entire plant where a lot of it isn’t even used? That is the driving theory behind why they chose to develop and refine their orbital gardens.  They literally take a clone and let it root, then put it right to flower and skip an entire step in the traditional growing process.  By doing this, along with other protocol, they are able to reduce their time-table to about 9.5 weeks all-in; from clipping to putting it in bags to ship out.


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