How to Make Marijuana Hash (Step-By-Step)

NOTICE: All plants used in video contain ZERO THC. Some plants shown were either cadaver (artificial) or Kenaf.

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What You Need to Germinate Marijuana…

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1. Dry Ice
2. Safety Goggles
3. Thick Gloves
4. 2.5 Grams Hemp/Flower/Trim (Or More)
5. Hammer & Flat Head Screwdriver
6. Tongs
7. Plastic Scraper Card
8. Sift Bags (220 Micron)
9. Scale
10. Grinder
11. Food Grade Container
12. Parchment Paper, Mirror, etc.

Instructions for Making Hash…
1. Weight out your Flower/Trim (we’re using 2.5 grams)
2. Grind your Flower.
3. Use hammer & flat head to break up dry ice and place dry ice in a food-grade plastic bucket.
4. Place ground up flower inside food grade bucket with dry ice with a lid.
5. Shake bucket with dry ice and flower for roughly 2 minutes.
6. Place dry ice shaken flower into 220-micron sifting bag.
7. Shake bag lightly on top of the glass, parchment paper, etc in order to collect the frozen trichomes.
8. Scrape up the dust that came from the bag using your plastic scrape card.
9. Place contents in a hash press if you like.
10. Enjoy

For storage, we prefer room temp. or place in freezer if you plan on storing for a long period of time.

View Instructions in Video & remember, safety first!

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#cannabis #marijuana #CBD

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