Angela Mazzanti Shows How Trimbag Makes Dry Trimming Quick and Easy!!

Angela Mazzanti shows how Trimbag makes your dry trimming quick and easy! Just fill it up shake it around so what are you waiting for get yourself one today!
Watch how easy our Trimbag’s are to use, it so easy and makes dry trimming so much quicker, easier and fun! As you can see from the video Angela Mazzanti!

Trimming weed can be very easy. Whether you are trimming indoor, outdoor or greenhouse we have an easy solution for you. The Trimbag Dry Trimmer can save you countless hours, days, and weeks trimming your cannabis or hemp flowers. The biggest variable with dry trimming is having the right dryness. Here at Trimbag, we like to have the outside leaves of the buds to flake when gently rubbed. This is the perfect state for dry trimming.

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At Trimbag or motto is “Simplicity at its finest”

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Trimbag Dry Trimmer Preparation Video and Results

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Differences Between Wet Trimming & Dry Trimming Cannabis

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