Grow Cannabis: Marijuana Seed Germination Time Lapse

Ever wonder how marijuana plants grow?

In this marijuana seed germination time lapse sequence, you can see the life of a cannabis plant step into the realm of existence. With patience, care and a nurturing spirit, humans have used and cultivated cannabis for 1000’s of years and, now, so can you.

If you’re 21 years or older you can get The Farm Genetics™ marijuana seeds for sale at The Farm in Boulder, Colorado. If you’re not at least 21, you’ll just have to wait your turn like everyone else.

The process of digitally recording this cannabis seed germination time lapse was an exercise in patience, understanding and love. The process took over a month of filming alone, not including the initial seed germination (not shown) and editing over 43, 000+ individual images.

Once initialized, the Go Pro Hero 4 Black, took a photo every minute of everyday for over a month. That’s 1440 photos per day! (For the video nerds out there, I used a 64GB memory card that allowed for around 24,000+ images and cards were changed out 3 times during the duration).

Since seeds are accustomed to a vegetative period before flowering, an 18 hour light cycle was used and the night photos were removed before editing.

Cannabis seeds and seedlings are very much alive and possess a strong desire to thrive. This cannabis seed time lapse illustrates what exactly goes on during growth. During their “night” cycle, leaves will drop and relax down as to conserve energy. In their “morning” leaves will rise to welcome the light. This also serves as a means to draw in food and water from the roots. Everything is done with maximum energy efficiency and minimal wasted effort. As their day progresses they use the timing of the light to signal veg growth or bud production (bud production only occurs when cannabis plants are in a 12/12 light cycle).

Since seeds contain high levels of growth hormone, naturally, no additional food was used for the first 3 weeks. Once the first “true” set of leaves, at the bottom of the plant, starting showing signs of yellowing I slowly introduced food through the use of compost tea to establish healthy microbes in the soil. Simply put, healthy soil = healthy roots = healthy plants = healthy buds. The water was gently and slowly pH’d down from 7 to 6 over a SLOW and gradual period. Listening to what your plants want and need is where the labor of love is established with each plant! If you listen and are paying attention, they will definitely communicate.

Spring is the perfect time to get your seeds started, so head on down to The Farm and get your seeds to get your own marijuana garden up and running!

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