how to make dry sift from cannabis trimmings | easy hash substitute

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coinbase link – best for buying seeds with bitcoin (we both get $10 in bitcoin for signing up)

4×4 buy once cry once. Get the right gear upfront –

$300 2×4 budget grow /good gear no blurple –

Additional items you will need –
(THESE will be items during grow, or during harvest)

wifi live cam -wyze pan and tilt –
super clamp mount –

want to smell good for free? –

Top dressing @natureslivingsoil
#meijiulighting 240watt #lm301b #quantumboard #ledgrowlight
@foxfarmsoilandfertilizer #happyfrog @rootsorganics #rootsorganicoriginal #lushsoil
@opulent_systems fabric pots
@vivosun.official 4×4 tent

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