Habitat: Growing Premium Organic Cannabis with Aquaponics (Insider Sessions Ep. 1)

Insider Sessions is a series sharing the unique stories of businesses and individuals operating within the legal Canadian cannabis market. Hosted by Jamie Norrish – a cannabis industry professional for over 15 years who simply loves weed. He’s exploring the inner workings of legal cannabis in Canada and covering topics including genetics, cultivation, extraction, processing, brands, retail stores, and more.


Insider Sessions: Episode 1 | Habitat Life

In the first episode of Insider Sessions we’re in Shushwap, British Columbia hanging out with the founders of Habitat at their unique cannabis cultivation facility. Habitat has taken an innovative and environmental approach to cannabis cultivation:

“At Habitat our holistic and conscious approach to life brings nature and technology together in perfect harmony. We believe that responsibly and sustainably grown products shouldn’t just nourish your body, they should nourish your mind and your community.

Powered by cutting edge technology and techniques, we’re revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics that is kind to the land, water and air around us.

We are makers of organic cannabis and seafood products that are crafted with the highest quality and sustainability standards.”

Join host Jamie Norrish for an inside look at Habitat.


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