Cannabis Grow Ops: The Law, Risks, and Solutions for Home Owners l Canada Vancouver

Damages to your home from marijuana grow-ops can cost you up to thousands of dollars. Be smart and stay ahead of the game by watching this video to learn the do’s and don’ts of growing marijuana in your Vancouver home or throughout British Columbia! It is important to know the ins and outs of the laws, restrictions, and potential risks of growing.

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0:00.1 – In this video, we will be covering the lasting damages that marijuana grow ops inside your home will cause, the law around it, and also, some solutions, if you choose to grow inside.

0:28.2 – B.C. will allow adults to grow up to four cannabis
plants in their household.

0:42.2 – Keep in mind that growing marijuana in your home may cause considerable damage.

0:52.6 – And this is why Landlord BC is concerned about the conception and growing of marijuana in rental units.

1:10.3 – Now, let’s discuss the damages that growing marijuana
in your home may cause.

1:17.2 – excessive humidity which could cause mold in your home.

1:28.3 – Former grow ops could be very costly to you.

2:02.8 – you will require to get licensed by Health Canada.

2:05.8 – And, of course, the insurance companies will require to see a license in order to insure these homes.

2:22.5 – there are some solutions to keep your home and your loved ones safe.

2:27.9 – There are inexpensive tents that are really easy to set up.

3:07.8 – However, there may be a better solution with Hydroponics Grow Boxes by BC Northern Lights.

3:24.3 – Four plants will grow, as we can see here.

3:44.7 – In this box, has COB LEDs, which are definitely CSA
approved across the board.

4:17.5 – and the guidelines and being able to grow safely, securely with insurance.

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