Cooking With Cannabis – Infused Coconut Oil

A simple guide to using cannabis infused coconut oil.

We used 10 grams of cannabis and 216 grams of coconut oil.

For our infused oil we are using cannabis that is 28% THC. For 1 cup (216g) coconut oil, there will be approximately 61.25mg activated THC per teaspoon or 12.5mg per gram of oil. 5-15mg of THC is a good starting point for beginner users, so we recommend starting with 1 gram of oil per serving and moving up from there. Stay tuned for our safe dosing and edible THC calculation video.

Our AI product will immediately be able to help both personal and professional growers improve the yield and the quality of their product.

Using cultivars’ proprietary machine learning and AI technology, we are able to analyze real-time pictures and within seconds we are able to scan our extensive cannabis dataset to give you a diagnosis of the health of your plant as well as consultation on how to improve yield and quality.

Cultivars will generate a personal portfolio to track your progress with all of your plants. It will be able to identify various conditions such as the stage of growth and nutritional needs. Cultivars technology will be applicable to all growers. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, this technology improves yield, quality, and reduces water consumption. preserves farmers’ jobs while building the best AI dataset for cannabis/hemp in the world

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