How to make Canna Oil using cannabis shake

Learn how to make Cannabis oil using cannabis shake or marijuana shake while also minimizing the odor as much as possible. I will be using a mason jar for the entire process.  

Using marijuana shake instead of marijuana buds is more cost efficient , so I recommend any one that is looking to get into the cannabis edibles business to consider using marijuana shake.

* just make sure you are using cannabis shake from high quality cannabis flower. *

* using a crock pot is an alternative to the mason jar method *

Use the Mason jar during the decarboxylation stage to minimize the smell.

Scale to measure to cannabis

Summary of instruction 

Decarb marijuana shake ( oven temp 235 for 40 minutes )
Add coconut oil to jar with decarb cannabis shake
let mason jar simmer in low heat water for at least 4 hours
filter out cannabis shakes using cheesecloth
store marijuana shakes in a cool dark place until you need to use it. 

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