RAPID ROOTER TUTORIAL How to germinate cannabis seeds using Rapid Rooter plugs EZ Pro Method

I have seen a lot of overly complicated methodologies for using Rapid Rooter plugs to germinate cannabis so here is a short vid highlighting key methods. Forgive my video- I’m a farmer, not a video maker. But my methods are fool proof and simple. No soaking, no sprouting, no hassles. Enjoy. EDIT: its 24 hours later or day 6 since I planted the seeds. 48 of 50 popped. Enough said.

-soak Rapid Rooter plugs 24 hours minimum in solution of 100-200 ppm with a pH of 6.3-6.4. (use a VEG type solution of 4-0-0 or comparable at 120ppm. if you use granular nutrients, mix your solution at least a day before you soak your plugs to allow dissolution/suspension of the granular nutrients)

-using tweezers, place seeds pit down, pointy side up in the Rapid Rooter plugs.

-cut a small slice off of a Rapid Rooter plug and gently place over seed hole (to restrict light).

-add the solution you soaked the plugs in to the bottom of the planting tray to a depth of approx. 1/4″ in the tray.

-cover with humidity dome.

-maintain a root zone temperature of at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit. I employ heated seed mats to do so.

-place covered trays under a T5 fluorescent light or comparable. I prefer to leave my light ON 24/7.

-when germination has completed, remove humidity dome. very important!

piece of cake. Happy Gardening! #rapidrooter #cannabis #germination #growweed

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